Weight-Loss Options


Woman using scalesBariatric surgery, more commonly known as weight-loss surgery, is suitable for patients that have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise, but have been unable to make the changes they need and are living with the lifestyle and health issues that come with being massively overweight.

To achieve effective results that last a lifetime though, it has to be the right procedure choice for you. This is where the skill and expertise of Mr Sanjay Agrawal is so crucial. During your consultation for weight-loss surgery, he will take a full medical history and discuss your needs and aims from surgery, before advising you on which procedure will best fulfil your expectations.

Gastric Band

During gastric band surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced by the placement of a hollow ring around the upper part of the stomach. This creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach thereby limiting the amount of food it is possible for you to consume and tricking the brain into thinking you are full.

Mr Sanjay Agrawal can then adjust the gastric band in line with your continuing weight-loss programme. By adding or removing saline from the adjustment port under the skin, he can tighten or loosen the band, thus adjusting the restriction and controlling food intake.

Gastric band surgery is increasingly popular with men and women who have tried to shift the pounds with diet and exercise alone and are looking for a solution to their weight problem. Gastric band surgery is the least invasive and therefore safest of all weight loss surgery procedures and it provides effective long-term weight loss results. Bariatric specialist Mr Sanjay Agrawal commonly sees a 50 per cent loss of excess body weight with the gastric band.

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Gastric Sleeve

Another weight-loss surgery option offered by Mr Sanjay Agrawal at his Harley Street Obesity Clinic is a Gastric Sleeve, also known as a Sleeve Gastrectomy.

During this procedure, carried out under a general anaesthetic, the stomach size is greatly reduced by the process of stapling the stomach to create a ‘sleeve’. This allows the patient to only eat small meals before feeling full.

Traditionally, a gastric sleeve was offered as the initial step in a weight-loss programme for patients that were morbidly obese and needed to lose weight to undergo a Gastric Bypass. However, Mr Sanjay Agrawal has found a Gastric Sleeve has become increasingly popular as a standalone weight-loss procedure, producing outstanding results, without the lifestyle changes necessitated by the Gastric Bypass.

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Gastric Bypass

A permanent weight-loss intervention comes in the form of a Gastric Bypass, known medically as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

The size of the stomach is restricted so you can only eat small meals, but during the procedure Mr Sanjay Agrawal will also bypass part of your digestive system so less food is absorbed by your body.

Mr Sanjay Agrawal offers this obesity surgery procedure to patients with a high BMI and associated health complications that need to lose up to 70 per cent of their body weight. It is more invasive than a Gastric Band or Sleeve, but in the hands of an experienced bariatric surgeon such as Mr Agrawal, it is still a very safe and effective weight-loss procedure.

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